Property Damage

Motorcycles are transportation that fuel the soul. We name them, pamper them, and show them off. When they are damaged in a motorcycle accident, the best way to restore them to their optimum condition is to hire a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. While other lawyers leave your property damage to you to work out, the motorcycle attorneys at Motorcycle Advocates recognize the importance of your bike to you and we handle your property damage from the beginning.

Minimize Your Costs and Maximize Your Recovery

After the accident your motorcycle may be at a tow yard or other facility. You may not be able to retrieve your bike from the storage facility due to injuries or other reasons. When you hire the motorcycle lawyers at Motorcycle Advocates we take care to minimize storage charges after the accident by removing the bike from the storage facility as soon as practicable.

Our goal is to get you compensated for your bike as soon after the accident as possible, and get your motorcycle repaired to the level it was before the accident. If it’s damaged beyond repair, our charge is to get you fair compensation for it, including accessories and customization. Whether you have coverage for the damage to your motorcycle from your own insurance policy or not, we work diligently as motorcycle lawyers to obtain a satisfactory resolution to your motorcycle property damage claim.

If you or someone you know has been injured and incurred property damage, contact a motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation. We charge no upfront fees unless we win the case. The consultation will allow the victim to discuss the details of the accident, and our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will explain your rights. Fill out the FREE consultation form to begin your case today.