What to Do If You are In a Motorcycle Accident

No one wants it to happen. Unfortunately, it’s simply an unavoidable reality on our roads due to the amount of traffic, different driving habits and styles, distractions that surround us and more. Of course, we’re talking about getting into an accident. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, just as with standard automobile accidents, a procedure should be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved while protecting the rights of those parties not at fault.

Top-notch motorcycle accident attorneys such as Hector Gancedo can take clients through a step-by-step procedure of what to do when involved in an accident. Some important things to remember here are:

• If you or anyone involved in the accident is seriously injured, contact 911 immediately – This
should always be the first step.

• Never admit guilt by saying the words “I’m sorry/that was my fault.”

• If the motorcycle can be safely moved off the street, it’s best to move the motorcycle.

• Be sure to write down insurance information.

• Take PLENTY of pictures – Elements such as road conditions, road signs, stop signs present in
the area and red lights should be accounted for. Additionally, pictures of vehicle/motorcycle
damage should also be included.

• Seek immediate medical attention if you are injured or may have been injured; adrenaline
cascading through the body following a trauma like an accident can cause a rider to overlook the
severity of sustained injuries.

Also vital to remember following an accident is to contact a competent motorcycle accident attorney such as Hector Gancedo of Motorcycle Advocates. Fill out a free consultation form, giving details of your accident, to begin your motorcycle accident defense today.