Other Damages

Individuals involved in vehicle accidents generally understand the primary coverage included in auto insurance policies, but the insurance companies are not obligated to explain all damage coverage available to an injured victim. The insurance companies are only obligated to their clients, and total payouts are always negotiated for a reduction. There are also other damages available in many accidents, but claims by the novice victim beyond standard medical bills and property damage are routinely rejected. That is why having an attorney is crucial for maximizing a settlement or to win a punitive damage award in trial.

This situation is especially true for motorcycle accident victims, as Motorcycle Advocates has continually advanced. Long-term physical damage is common with motorcycle accident injuries and motorcycle accident attorneys understand how to craft these cases. There are also other awards available in many accidents, such as product defects, which mean that multiple respondents can be included for liability. In most cases, the victim needs an effective motorcycle accident attorney in pursuing ongoing medical issues as part of the claim.

Other damages are termed by most courts as non-economic damages and can include pain and suffering issues. In addition, ongoing medical situations resulting from accident injuries will require an attorney to present proof of continuing medical problem possibilities. Many injury victims are permanently disabled after a motorcycle accident. Others who are not permanently disabled may still have injury complications that render them unable of maintaining prior high-wage employment, which is also claimable in an accident settlement. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer understands how to develop these cases for a fair settlement negotiation with all negligent and responsible parties.

Anyone involved in a motorcycle accident should consider that these are potentially high-value damage cases. Getting a commensurate damage award beyond typical compensation for medical expenses and property damage is practically impossible for the novice accident victim. Always remember that a representative legal group like Motorcycle Advocates will assess the accident comprehensively and pursue any legal avenue in achieving a fair settlement, including taking the case to trial. Cases are investigated free of charge, including the initial interview, and Motorcycles Advocates always provides an honest evaluation of each claim. Fill out the FREE consultation form, located on this page, to begin your personal injury defense today.