Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorneys

In warm, dry weather a motorcycle is the most enjoyable way to travel. Enjoyment quickly turns to tragedy, however, when distraction or inattention causes a collision, a fall, or an accident that leaves the rider severely injured. A constant concern for safety is necessary when operating a motorcycle and Insurance, both for life and motorcycle are very important.

All states require motorcycle liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. Liability coverage pays for injuries caused by but not to the rider. Personal injury protection pays medical expenses and lost earnings for rider, passenger, or third party regardless of fault. This insurance is very costly for motorcycle riders, who necessarily run high risks of injury. Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance protects the rider and persons covered by the policy in accidents when injuries exceed the policy limits of the faulty driver. Collision coverage pays for damage to the motorcycle regardless of fault for the crash. Comprehensive coverage pays for any damage to the motorcycle regardless of cause or circumstances.

As soon as possible after an accident, the rider should report the basic facts to the motorcycle insurer. Failure to notify the insurance company promptly may prejudice any claim to the rider’s detriment. The rider should make no detailed statements nor discuss fault until consulting with a motorcycle personal injury attorney.
After the report to the insurer, any rider seriously injured in an accident caused by a mechanically defective motorcycle, a negligent driver, or a hazardous road condition should consult with a trusted motorcycle personal injury attorney with the knowledge, experience, skills, and abilities to get the best possible result. Negotiations with an insurance adjuster for either the rider or an opposing party are not for the inexperienced or the unskilled. The adjuster’s first loyalty is to the insurance company, not to any claimant, even the company’s own insured policy holder, and adjusters are not reluctant to employ tactics of delay and deceit to stall, diminish, and even evade valid claims for compensation.

If negotiations do not reach a fair settlement and the case must proceed to court, the motorcycle personal injury attorney’s advice and advocacy become absolutely indispensable if the injured rider is to have any chance at a fair and adequate recovery. The most trusted motorcycle personal injury attorneys offer initial case consultations and evaluations at no charge and representation with no fees or costs until recovery so there is nothing to lose by filling out a FREE case consultation form and getting in touch with the Motorcycle Advocates today.