Let Motorcycle Advocates Lawyers Make Life Easier After Your Motorcycle Accident

An experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer can help those hurt by traffic collisions involving motorcycles in many ways. A very unfair but unavoidable risk for even the safest and most skilled motorcyclists is suffering the biggest loss with least fault in traffic accidents.

This is true for several reasons, most obvious of which is a lack of protection from being inside a vehicle with a metallic outer body and frame. Secondly, because motorcycles are made to accelerate and operate faster than cars, there is less time for last-minute reactions that prevent many traffic accidents. Direct contact with open space also makes it easier for motorcycle riders to get distracted by constant noise of high-RPM engines or surrounding natural beauty and fail to notice other approaching vehicles or veer off beaten asphalt paths into concrete overpasses and steel posts.

To further complicate matters is the popular stereotype of all motorcycle riders as criminal gangster members with long hair and illicit drugs hidden inside crankshafts. Such misguided prejudice often causes insurers and courts to dismiss or take damage claims lightly. Proper case presentation by a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can reverse the situation with well-documented lost wages from two former jobs held by a sole family breadwinner with a wife and five kids.

Not to mention medical bills equal to several years’ wages that will continue for life due to permanent disability caused by chronic pain from catastrophic physical injury. Of course, inability to ever work at former occupation is a possibility that should be noted.

Calculating amount of damage awards can also be tricky, because recovery is based on total medical expenses in most instances. However, California personal injury laws classify soft tissue injuries as being less severe than broken bones. This means that final recovery for $5,000 in chiropractor’s bill for whiplash treatment is likely to be far less than $5,000 spent on radiologist and hospital emergency room charges for x-rays taken to reset and cast a broken arm. Nevertheless, an injured back may cause more pain, suffering and long-term disability than fractured forearms that heal within weeks.

For these and other reasons, it is highly advisable to let a California personal injury lawyer experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases handle your damage claim. Excessive delay of even one day permanently prevents all possibility of receiving one penny, because strict time limits apply to filing a personal injury lawsuit. Moreover, the longer you wait, the more rights you give up to responsible parties with faded memories or unknown whereabouts of witnesses and unavailable or destroyed evidence.

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