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There is rarely such a thing as a minor motorcycle accident in Long Beach; even small crashes can result in serious injuries. And while the physical injuries are the most well-known hazard of riding a motorcycle, at Motorcycle Advocates, we know that the material is just the beginning. Physical injuries lead to a multi-layered fallout: financial, mental, and emotional distress that can last years. Unfortunately, serious injuries, such as damage to the spine or head, often result in lifelong pain, discomfort, and a reduced ability to work at total capacity, if at all.

Treatment for motorcycle accident injuries is complex and expensive, even if you only endure soft tissue damage like road rash due to your legs or arms making contact with the pavement while sliding to a stop.

The only way to make yourself as a whole as legally possible is to hire a team of skilled attorneys like those at Motorcycle Advocates. While we can’t guarantee a specific outcome of your motorcycle case, we can assure you that we will do everything to fight for the best result possible in your motorcycle case without charging you unless we win.

Do Not Waste Time After an Injury

You should contact us immediately after being discharged from the hospital and speak to nobody else regarding your motorcycle case, particularly your insurance company. Although their agents will undoubtedly try to get you to do so — usually to sign away your rights — it’s imperative that you let our knowledge of the law guide your interactions with all entities regarding your case. Only in this way can you hold the person at fault for your accident legally responsible to the fullest extent of the law in Long Beach.

We help injured clients of all types because we don’t think anyone should suffer without compensation, mainly when the motorcycle case results from avoidable negligence. Our numerous years of experience and countless successful cases won make us a clear frontrunner for your Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney of choice.

Motorcycle accidents in Long Beach are our passion project because, as riders ourselves, we understand the struggles of staying safe on the road as the smallest, most exposed vehicle.


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Long Beach Motorcycle Accident

What To Do After Being Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Long Beach, resist the urge to act based on self-assessment. It’s easy to think an accident is non-serious and fails to see a doctor or attend rehabilitation. As a result, injuries crop up down the line as long-term damage becomes apparent. You need to consult a medical professional who can adequately assess what is going on with your body and what steps are necessary for optimal healing.

  • See a Doctor: When you consult a medical professional, it’s essential to record all interactions and billing via receipts. When you file a lawsuit or claim against an insurance agency, you need good records to picture the total financial cost accurately. If you leave certain specific procedures out of documentation, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to win compensation for said services. We understand that many doctors are not available in the hours following your accident, and in these motorcycle cases, we suggest visiting an urgent care facility.
  • Contact Motorcycle Advocates: Do not speak to anyone else about your motorcycle case besides your attorney. Even if you don’t choose us, we want you to know that you should not divulge information about your topic to others, particularly representatives from your insurance agency. You can be sure they will reach out to convince you to talk or at least start wearing you down so that they have an advantage when the time for settlement or court commences.
  • Take Head Injuries With Utmost Seriousness: We should take a moment here to note how serious head injuries can be yet present themselves with no apparent signs. Yes, we already mentioned receiving medical care immediately after an accident. But, you would be surprised how many people neglect their health when they can’t visibly see injuries. If you have hit your head, even with a full-face helmet on, you could suffer a brain bleed or concussion that triggers hours or days down the line. These events can be fatal, leaving your family without the family member they love and the support they need Long Beach motorcycle accident.

How to File a Claim Properly In Long Beach

While we have tackled what to do once you leave the scene of a motorcycle accident, each accident scene contains valuable evidence. Granted, you may not be able to observe or collect any of this evidence due to injury, but you should walk around and observe the scene if you can do so. Common knowledge is the benefit of taking photos at the scene of a Long Beach motorcycle accident. The condition of the vehicles and the road will never be precisely the same again, and your recall is weak, certainly not enough to hold up in the motorcycle case of your accident reaching the courtroom.

Your job is to enter into the role of an investigator. Talk to any witnesses at the scene, and collect their contact information. Because their testimony could make or break your motorcycle case, you cannot forget this step, but also let them know that you’ll possibly need to contact them at a future time to back up your claim. Your recollection of your accident is only one point of view; it will be hard to argue your motorcycle case optimally without others confirming it. However, as Long Beach motorcycle accident attorneys, we exist to bridge this gap and compellingly make your case in Long Beach motorcycle accident.

Part of making this case is ensuring that your doctor provides you with a detailed copy of your medical history regarding your accident in Long Beach. Having medical professionals back up your injuries and advancement through the healing process creates a map for your motorcycle case. It leaves very little room for insurance companies, local municipalities, or fault-fault citizens to fight against your claim.

When we can correctly calculate your damages, submitting your claim will go smoothly with the help of an attorney. Either a settlement will be reached relatively quickly, or the insurance company will put up resistance to the point that we will have to fight your motorcycle case in court. And make no mistake about it, here at Motorcycle Advocates, motorcycle accidents are our number one passion project, and when it’s time to fight, we proudly go to battle for your best interests.

Getting Started With a Long Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While any personal injury motorcycle attorney in California can technically handle your case, you need legal experts who specialize in Long Beach motorcycle accident. If your attorney doesn’t, they will miss prime opportunities, plain and simple — opportunities that make the difference in the cushion you have after your motorcycle accident in Long Beach.

Remember: your cushion is the only thing between you and the suffering imposed on you. You didn’t ask for your life to change, but it’s the hand you were dealt, all because of someone’s negligence. And once a motorcycle case is resolved, papers are signed, or the gavel is struck, you can’t go back in time and pour over the details again for your motorcycle accident.

You have one shot at getting it right, so make it count.

We negotiate and fight with absolute tenacity. Your success is, quite simply, our success. And even if our feet weren’t based on your payout for your motorcycle, we’d still do everything to fight to the utmost for your motorcycle accident.

Settlements vs. Going to Court: Which Route Should I Choose?

Settlements make everything easier for everyone, and if the amount is correct, there is no reason not to go this route. However, it will still take negotiation from a seasoned attorney to maximize your payout and other forms of support such as rehabilitation and mental health therapy. We’ve already spoken about how insurance companies of the motorcycle will lowball you to see if you’ll take the instant gratification of an offer today versus the work of the better offer that comes down the road.

Going to court takes time, energy, and resources. You have to be patient, but if it’s the only way to get what you deserve, that’s the route we’ll take for your particular motorcycle case. Insurance companies and local municipalities, or whomever the defendant is, will go to court if they think they have a fighting chance at winning the case for your motorcycle. But you are the victim, and you will likely prevail with the help of attorneys at Motorcycle Advocates in Long Beach. Probably, but not guaranteed for your motorcycle.

But we understand that the path of least resistance is essential to clients. We do not want to impact your quality of life any more than necessary. Time away from work and your family can not be translated into any dollar amount. The mental toll of your motorcycle accident is not simply related to your injuries but the sustained energy required for a fight. The more power needed to fight for your motorcycle against your at-fault party means less energy to invest in your life and job. What if your job suffers (Motorcycle Accident)? What if your relationship suffers (Motorcycle Accident)?

This is all part of your desired compensation, and you never asked for this fight for your motorcycle.

  • Don’t ever sue first (Motorcycle): Settlements avoid lawsuits, and lawsuits become drawn-out fights for your motorcycle accident. A seasoned motorcycle attorney needs to be at your side when you must fight in Long Beach. (Accident on a Motorcycle)

Good Records Doesnt Mean a Clear Path to Payout.

Now, it’s easy to assume that your insurance company will agree with your suggested dollar amount when you keep good medical records and catalog the crime scene with photos and other documentation for your motorcycle accidents.

  • The number one way insurance companies make money (Motorcycle): Isn’t by collecting payments from those they insure; it’s from not paying out and reducing their overall fulfilled claims. (Accident on a Motorcycle)
  • All damages must be accounted for (Motorcycle): Without proper support from an attorney, it’s easy to leave one of the following compensation sources on the table — mental and emotional damage, loss of income-earning abilities, loss of income itself, property damage, and every sort of medical expenditure, from urgent care to emergency room visits, to follow-up visits and long-term rehabilitation efforts. (Accident on a Motorcycle)

How Motorcycle Accidents Occur

The hazards to motorcycle are many, but these are the top reasons you can end up on the wrong side of an interaction with a passenger vehicle on the road Long Beach motorcycle accident:

  1. Road Conditions (Motorcycle): It doesn’t take much, a bit of loose gravel, to cause a bike to slip and cause an accident. (Accident on a Motorcycle)
  2. Limited Visibility (Motorcycle): Motorcycle are smaller, so they do not often get seen, leading to motorcycle accidents. (Accident on a Motorcycle)
  3. Left-Hand Turns (Motorcycle): These turns account for nearly half of all motorcycle accidents due to overtaking the lane of the motorcycle roadway or making the turn. At the same time, motorcycle continue straight, leading to a collision. (Accident on a Motorcycle)
  4. Inexperienced Drivers (Motorcycle): Many motorcycle are not trained well in their vehicles, leading to errors in reading road conditions and operating their bikes amongst larger vehicles. (Accident in a Motorcycle)
  5. Lane Splitting (Motorcycle): Even though lane splitting is legal in California, it still causes motorcycle accidents every year. For example, it’s too easy to end up in a blind spot and full someone to pull into the adjacent lane and push you to be sent soaring off your bike. (Accident on a Motorcycle)

Long Beach Motorcycle Accident

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