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We understand that motorcycles are a fun and exciting method of transportation, and that for many – especially those living the California lifestyle – it is truly a way of life. Plus, given the state of traffic congestion, notably in Southern California, motorcycles make even more sense when taking into consideration convenience and compact characteristics. As with any other aspect of life, there’s a flip side to this coin of absolute freedom and exciting forays on these two-wheeled mean machines: Motorcycles come with serious safety risks.

Because of their sheer lack of substantiating presence on the road and protection, motorcycles are prime targets to the careless or reckless drivers around them. Want a rather frightening statistic? Motorcycle operators are involved in 11.3-percent of all traffic accident-related fatalities, which is shocking considering motorcyclists make up only three-percent of the driving population.

With troublesome statistics like this, the specter of serious injury or death will always rear its ugly head when operating a motorcycle. If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a California motorcycle accident due to another’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation.

The law experts of Gancedo Law are the most affordable, experienced and capable attorneys in the motorcycle accident legal defense sector. When a serious injury occurs, the legal process must be undertaken in a deliberate and measured fashion – and you can’t leave this to just any attorney. Knowing what to do after a trauma could mean the difference between having to assume financial responsibility and receiving full compensation for all related costs.

We at Gancedo Law understand exactly what needs to be done during a personal injury claim following a motorcycle accident, and will take advantage of over a decade’s worth of legal experience to craft a unique strategy that identifies the offending party and proves their negligence.

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