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Motorcycle Advocates will not charge for the services offered until you receive compensation for the damages caused by the accident.

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Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Advocates puts at your disposal the best lawyers to support you in case of a motorcycle accident. Our goal is to protect your interests, because the insurance companies will do their best minimize your compensation, not to give you adequate compensation, especially in cases of severe accidents where medical bills can be astronomical.

Motorcycle Advocates is more than a law firm, our experience in handling motorcycle accidents helps us understand your pain, and we apply the law to ensure we obtain the best recovery for you. We do our best to make any accident turn in your favor! There is a lawyer waiting to help you, contact us today to help you, and your family.

Why do you need a lawyer after a motorcycle accident?

We offer you the help you need when your health and finances are compromised, and when you must choose the best law firm to support you in the process of obtaining a maximum settlement. We have one of the highest success rates in California, and our clients have been pleased with the results.

We know that a motorcycle accident can change your life forever, and we will fight for you to receive the proper compensation for it. Make an inquiry today!

Personalized approach: Our attorneys are trained to focus on personal injury and find the necessary justice for the victim and their families. We drive the best results with our 5-star service.

Contingency fees:Our law firm will not charge you any fees unless a recovery is obtained for you; that is why we are the best option, to ensure your peace of mind, while you dedicate yourself to recovering from your motorcycle accident injuries.

High-level attorneys: At Motorcycle Advocates we offer lawyers with more than 25 years of experience in the most complex cases, who have won hundreds of millions of dollars for different clients.

Our attorneys handle every aspect of the injury claim, and take on the responsible party and their insurance companies to get full compensation for your claim.

Effective communication: At Motorcycle Advocates we do not let language be a barrier, so on our team we have staff who speak Spanish and English to answer any questions in your native language.

Complete availability: Our phone lines are staffed 24/7 in person and over the phone; you choose the way you want to start this process, in the office or in a place of your choice, because we also come to you.

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Our lawyers fight for you to get the compensation you deserve, for any questions, call us and receive a free consultation.

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What services do we offer?

  • Medical care: Our lawyers can assist in finding specialized medical care to ensure you achieve the fullest recovery possible.

  • Motorcycle Repair: Your motorcycle is often like a part of the family, and we will make sure that your motorcycle is repaired by those responsible for the accident, or in case of complete loss, that you receive payment for the value of it. We also take care of obtaining damages for loss of use of your motorcycle while it is being fixed.

  • Important compensation: The pain, anguish and suffering caused by a motorcycle accident deserve the best monetary compensation available; our lawyers will fight until the end so that you receive the best result.

  • Aggressive and Honest Representation: In general, insurance companies are in the business of making money and one of the ways they do it is to minimize settlements to claimants. At Motorcycle Advocates, we flip that balance and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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What to do if you have just had a motorcycle accident?

In the midst of an emergency situation, such as a motorcycle accident, everything happens quickly, and it is very difficult to know how to respond if you have not previously prepared; For this reason, keep in mind that the essential thing is that you remain calm and consider the following:

    - Do not wait to receive necessary medical attention

    - Don't make any statement to any insurance company without first consulting a lawyer

    - Gather information and take pictures of the scene

    - Call our Motorcycle Advocates accident attorneys as soon as possible

    - Understand that the adrenaline of the moment can prevent you from feeling the physical and emotional injuries until later

    - Immediately call the police

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The Motorcycle Advocates Law Firm will fight to give you the proper compensation.

Motorcycle Advocates attorneys have experience in all types of motorcycle accident injuries including:

    - Traumatic brain injuries

    - Injuries to the spinal column that lead to paralysis

    - Damage to internal organs

    - Bone fractures

    - Limb amputations

    - Burns and lacerations

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Millions recovered for our clients

We are recognized by our clients and the legal community for obtaining substantial results on behalf of people harmed by motorcycle accident injuries.


  • Individual recovery for serious injuries in personal injury litigation.


  • Individual recovery for serious injuries in personal injury litigation.


  • Individual recovery for serious injuries in personal injury litigation.

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Mr. Gancedo's office was very helpful in my case.

Amparo Arias Breton

He was prompt, professional, direct and honest.

It was great working with them. They were prompt, professional, direct and honest. I instantly felt better after talking to them for the first time knowing they were on my side. They helped resolve a problem with a motorcycle accident so quickly and painlessly. I would highly recommend it.

Megan Dankmyer

He was prompt, professional, direct and honest.

Professional service, I had a very good experience. Highly recommended Very excellent and professional service. highly recommended.

Lucy Mungarro

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am very pleased with the results of my legal matter with the Visalia Law Firm and would highly recommend Gancedo to represent you as he has your best interests at heart. This law firm got me through a scary situation. The staff was extremely dedicated, professional and very aggressive. Once again, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of good legal advice.

Keisha Allen

I couldn’t have asked for a better more helpful law office to help me with accident.

I am so grateful to the Gancedo Law Firm, I couldn't have asked for a better and more helpful law office to help me with an accident. They are knowledgeable and supportive. I had no idea where to start after my accident and they guided me step by step. They assured me that everything from my car repairs to medical expenses would be taken care of. Mr. Visalia and his staff were professional, always showing empathy and concern for me. Overall, the Visalia Law Firm offers exceptional representation. Highly recommended.

Janet Perez

I can't say enough how grateful we are for the responsiveness, professionalism and attentiveness this firm gives.

The Gancedo Law Firm has achieved impressive results for me and my family. I can't say enough how grateful we are for the responsiveness, professionalism, and care that this company provides. This victory we had with our insurance company could not have been better thanks to Mr. Gancedo's experience in insurance related personal injury/motorcycle accident cases. I will recommend all my friends and family to this firm. If you have an accident/motorcycle accident injury case and need a professional attorney, I highly recommend this firm!

Jose Martinez

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